Homecoming 2019

This September, Kaiser celebrated a tradition that is beloved in high schools across America: Homecoming. Here at Kaiser, Homecoming week provides students with not only the occasional break from classes but also a chance to show their love for their graduating class and school. Homecoming week can be different in every school and every year, but this year, Kaiser had one to remember. Students from all grade levels racked up “spirit points” from participating in activities throughout the week, from dressing up in aloha shirts to competing in a game of tug-of-war during lunchtime. The Homecoming week ended with the class of 2020 winning the Perpetual Spirit trophy at the Homecoming football game.

Participation in the dress-up days was dominated by the senior class, evidently making the most of their last Homecoming week, a trend which continued into the noontime games as well. Wednesday’s lunch period held the yearly Homecoming fair, a place for students to enjoy live music and purchase special goods and foods while spending time with their friends. On Friday night Kaiser played their annual Homecoming football game against Kaimuki, where they won 45-31. Finally, on Saturday, Kaiser students flocked to the school’s cafeteria for their Homecoming dance, a fitting end to what was an eventful Homecoming week.

Contributed by Jaida Burgon

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