Outfits to fall for

Fall is here—the season of comfy, cozy clothes and pumpkin spice lattes. While to some, Hawaii’s year-round summer may seem like a blessing, many complain that the lack of seasons limits opportunities to wear anything more than t-shirts and shorts. Although we don’t have typical autumn weather like other parts of the world, we can still welcome the season through fashion. Here are some ideas to spice up your wardrobe for September and October. 

Chunky sweaters and knee-high boots don’t mesh well with Hawaii’s humidity. Instead, choose to pair a corduroy skirt with a cropped turtleneck. Go for a piece that contains warmer tones like maroon, orange, brown, and white; fall is all about warm shades. The pattern of the corduroy skirt gives off an autumnal vibe but the fabric will keep you cool in the hot weather. Corduroy is a staple fabric for this season because it provides an interesting texture and has a vintage look, which are often associated with fall. Additionally, the turtleneck gives the outfit a more elegant look than a regular t-shirt. 

A good set of accessories can complete your outfit with minimal effort. Compared to the more popular choice of black, a brown belt is definitely a staple piece, adding a softer touch while also matching the warm tones of your outfit. For jewelry, it is best to stick with one color. Gold or silver are both generally good choices, but since silver is more cool-toned, gold is preferred. While wearing a turtleneck, avoid chokers.  Instead, accessorize with a mid-length or long necklace. A couple of my favorite places to shop for jewelry online are Depop (an online thrift store) and Precious By Kate (an Instagram boutique). What’s special about these places is that they both offer unique items for cheap prices. To finish the look, choose a simple pair of shoes; flashy ones tend to distract from the outfit rather than add to it. A good choice would be a pair of white Vans or Converse sneakers. 

If you don’t feel like wearing a skirt, wear an oversized hoodie as a dress. This style is a personal favorite of mine because it’s simple yet fashionable. Also, it is a perfect outfit for fall because it keeps you warm enough without making you feel too restricted. Find an oversized hoodie of any color and wear a pair of spandex underneath. It’s that easy. For accessories, add a choker and a pair of small dangly earrings. Jewelry can always personalize an outfit and add flair. Since this is a simple outfit, dress it up with fun footwear. Matching crew socks make the outfit look much more interesting. 

For boys, go with a pair of tan or black cargo pants. Cargo pants will give your outfit a fall-esque look whereas board shorts can look more casual. For the upper portion of your outfit, a striped shirt, long or short sleeves, will add contrast to the plain colored pants. To make your outfit more striking, layer with silver necklaces. Finish it off with some Air Force 1’s and you’re all set!

Contributed by Madeleine San

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