Realtors beautify Kaiser on Realtor Action Day

Approximately 450 members of the Hawaii Realtors organization assembled on Sept. 16 for school campus beautification efforts at 13 schools across the state. At the Realtor Action Day event, several of those realtors helped to beautify Kaiser.

On a campus as large as Kaiser, beautification is an ongoing process. Improvements on Realtor Action Day included a new coat of paint for the bus stop in front of campus, the removal of 113 bags worth of trash, and a power wash for E and F buildings. Additionally, volunteers cleaned up the grass area between the baseball field and Lunalilo Home Road. 

During the event, members of Hawaii Realtors volunteered to spend their time at schools, with the intention of fostering greater connections between the realtors and their communities. Organizing the event required coordination with school principals and community members, allowing the realtors to build stronger relationships with their communities. John Harris, President of Hawaii Realtors, said: “Realtors wear many hats, and one of our strengths is mobilizing our network of community organizations and businesses to accomplish a job.” With the beautification effort completed, Kaiser is now a safer and more welcoming place to be.

Contributed by Tara Mie Morisato. Featured picture by

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