Great ways to decorate for Christmas

It has been a difficult year, which makes this holiday season all the more special. Putting extra effort into the holidays can uplift your spirits to end this year on a jolly note! One way you can be more involved with Christmas this year is by decorating your home to fit the Christmas aesthetic just a little more. 

Living Room

The living room is the focal point of your house. It’s the area where everyone comes together, so it’s important that it has holiday cheer. Some basic pieces you can add are Christmas pillows and blankets to your couch. Most of the time, that’s where family and friends sit together to watch movies or play board games, so it’s good to create a Christmas aesthetic there—not to mention the comfort element. This Christmas just got a lot cozier because of it! Another decoration you can add is Christmas photos, whether that means Christmas cards received in the past or funny childhood photos of you sitting on Santa’s lap. It makes the living area more personal and cozy, which is all Christmas is about. It doesn’t even have to be photos related to Christmas; any photo in a Christmas-themed picture frame completes your Christmas look! 


A kitchen is a special place during this time of year, where cinnamon and nutmeg aromas spread to fill the house! Baking Christmas themed treats are a common activity, so why not have the area more cheerful as well? During these strange times, washing your hands is more important than ever. A Christmas-themed hand towel next to your sink can remind you that despite these times, it’s still that most wonderful time of the year! Santa Claus pepper and salt shakers are also quite festive mini additions. Despite their small size, they still lend a big charm to your kitchen! Some other small, charming ideas are Christmas mittens, mugs, and jars.


Your personal area in your home should be customized to your preference, and having a theme is something to think about. Your room could be a white Christmas wonderland or Santa’s workshop. It’s your place, so it can be anything in your imagination! You can start by hanging up Christmas lights around your window or bed so that your room is lit up, just like the decorated streets of New York in December. You can add red, green, or multi-colored lights, whichever fits your theme best. Nutcrackers and snowglobes on your bookshelves are equally as charming as the festive additions in your kitchen. You could hang a garland or wreath on top of your bed. And if you’re going all-out, having your own Christmas tree can make it feel like it’s your own holiday house right in the comfort of your room. 

A lot of these things can be purchased for inexpensive prices at places like Ross, Target, and Daiso. At the end of the day, have everything tie together to create the perfect Christmas world you want it to be! Wake up every day in your house as if you’re living in Santa’s workshop. Having more Christmas decorations can uplift the spirits in your home! Don’t forget to stay safe and have a Merry Christmas!

Notable inexpensive stores you can shop at to find some of these items mentioned above




Ross Dress for Less

T.J. Maxx


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