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Survey: COVID-19 vaccination willingness

– “I’ve had many family members who took it and are okay now so I trust the vaccine a little bit more than I used to.”
– “I can keep people around me safe from the virus”
– “I play sports and even though we wear masks, we are still near each other and I would rather be safe than sorry. My grandparents are going to take it and I also have no allergies and feel safe taking the vaccine.”
– “The sooner we all get vaccinated, the sooner we return things to normal.”
– “Because I want to be safe from the virus and have my peers be safe
– “I have asthma so Covid could be fatal if I get it.”
– “My mother has a compromised immune system and would not be able to handle Corona.”
– “To help weaken the effects of the disease if I were to get it.
– “Just because I take shots all the time so it doesn’t matter to me.”
– “Because it hasn’t been fully tested out over the years and even if it works for now we don’t know the side effects that it has on you in the future.”
-“Don’t trust it”
-“I personally wouldn’t until there’s more studies on the after effects and health risks. For me it’s too early to take it. Once it’s been proven to lower the numbers with minimal risks, then I would take the vaccine.”
-“I don’t know what’s in the vaccine and I honestly just don’t wanna take it.”
-“It hurts and you get sick the next day”
-“I wouldn’t because it’s a new vaccine and also it already killed someone. I would rather catch it and die trying to fight it instead of taking the vaccine and dying.”
-“It doesn’t stop the spread from happening, it only lessens the symptoms. If I have it, I would want to know about it, and I’ll stay home the rest of the year. But until the vaccine stops the spread, I don’t wanna take it.”

In total, 111 students were interviewed about their decisions on taking the vaccines or not. The pie chart represents the amount of students’ responses and the other is based on their opinions and reasonings.

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