Muki Dogs combines modern tastes and tradition with vegan hotdog stand

Have you ever been to an outdoor traditional hotdog stand? If not, then you’re in luck! Located on the main street of Waialae Avenue, the Muki Dogs hotdog stand serves delicious vegan hotdogs that are topped with various sauces and toppings. The hotdogs, sauces, and garnishes included are all 100% plant-based and will leave you 100% full!

The first bite into these uniquely made hotdogs does not disappoint. They share a very similar consistency to your average meat hotdog, except with a slightly softer texture. The dog contains various vegan ingredients including peas, fava beans, coconut oil, sunflower oil, and a splash of apple juice. The numerous sauces and toppings enhance the hotdog with a very pleasant combination of both savory and spicy flavors depending on what you order. 

Muki Dogs menu choices are limited but delicious, the most popular one being “The Works,” which is topped with Spanish crumble, ketchup, mustard, sriracha mayonnaise, and relish. The Spanish crumble adds extra “crunch” in contrast to the softer hotdog, leaving the rest of the sauces to collectively amplify the delicious flavor for your palette. The sizing of the hotdog is average, the steamed bun fitting warmy into your hand. Though “The Works” maintains major popularity, there is soon to be a brand-new hotdog called the “Miso Kake.” This menu item will be served with pickled scallions, miso paste, sriracha mayo, and topped off with furikake crumble. Your hotdog order can also be customized to your liking or even be served plain. 

The owner behind the hotdog stand, Gene Marques, named his business “Muki Dogs”  by taking the “muki” from “Kaimuki”, following his passion to open his own business in beloved Kaimuki after retiring from the Air Force. He wanted to use a traditional hotdog stand and go vegan to be more healthy and sustainable with his work, giving customers access to a healthy-yet-enjoyable food choice. He looks to open his own shop in the far future. 

Muki Dogs’s environment is often busy and social, as the stand on the street is easily spotted. The casual setup allows service to be very conversational and kind, as people can briefly chat one-on-one; making it easy to meet new faces. Eating at Muki Dogs is a wonderful experience both for trying something uniquely new and for ones who are seeking more plant-based options. 

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