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Community contributes new thermometer against fight with COVID-19

The COVID pandemic has led to the creation of new rules and regulations, including temperature checks. If you’re coming onto campus, don’t forget to visit the office’s new heat sensor and sanitizing station. Installed by security guard Nick Hironaka and athletic director Nelson Chee, a new thermometer donated by Vice-Principal Whitney Mahoney stands mounted in front of the office. Mahoney said she was inspired to buy the thermometer when she went to a restaurant and used it as a similar check-in. “I thought this would be good to have for the front office, as it was hands-free and made a noise to let the front office staff know if anyone was identified as a high temp,” Mahoney said. The no-touch thermometer’s retail price on Amazon can actually go as high as $140.00! This donation is one of the many ways the Kaiser faculty continues to care, making a more comfortable school that students can go back to with ease.

The assistance is not only from Kaiser Staff, but our community is also contributing to our safe return to school. When the school closed, New Hope, a church that occasionally uses Kaiser for their church services, contacted Kaiser to offer their assistance. In anticipation of the re-opening for in-person learning, New Hope donated and installed 120 custom-made hand sanitizer stations around campus. 

 The support from Kaiser and our community has allowed us to feel more secure and safe as well as know how much they care for us and our safety. The transition back to school, with the help of so many people, is being made possible, and we can only look forward to our time back on campus! 

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