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Prom 2021 is cancelled

As this difficult school year approaches its fourth quarter, students were disappointed to learn that prom has once again been canceled. Often one of the most anticipated occasions of high school, the decision has been a significant let-down for many. 

Prom has been an important part of high school life for years, held to “bring one’s class together and create a fun and memorable experience for everyone to enjoy,” junior leadership student Charlotte Tang said. For this year’s seniors, the cancellation is even more disheartening, as they also missed their junior prom last year. Having attended Junior Prom during her sophomore year, senior Kuuanela Kaakimaka-Calma described the opportunity as “memorable,” she said. “Because [she] got to spend time with [her] close friends before they graduated.” Kaakimaka-Calma believes prom is something everyone should be “able to experience for their senior year,” she said.

For those on the planning committee, losing the opportunity to organize one of the biggest events of high school was just as disappointing. Tang “was looking forward to seeing where our leadership class’s creativity and teamwork in planning an event would take us this year,” she said. The effect was especially pronounced since there were few other events this year to facilitate. The students, though, are pragmatic, and many agree that this is the best decision “for the sake of everyone’s health and safety,” Tang said. 

Seniors and juniors around the world have lost out on their special celebrations. Since the occasion is largely social, “it will be hard to compensate for the lost event since we are not supposed to be meeting in large groups,” Tang said, though students can still dress-up and call their friends online on prom night. While the cause of the cancellation is out of students’ control, it’s still possible to find alternatives out of a bad situation. But they are alternatives only, and cannot hope to match the unique experience of prom.

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