Security guards’ personal security threatened

Students are back on campus, and it’s up to the security guards to make sure that the return goes as smoothly as possible. The guards have tackled the challenge readily, organizing the installation of temperature checks and social distancing markers and ensuring that we all stay safe during this transitional period. So far, it is going well. But how do the guards feel about this arrangement?

 Many people have qualms with students returning entirely, and our guards are at the front line to allay their fears. Every morning, they set up a station where they clear students for entry, wielding a no contact thermometer and an ink stamp. The guards are also tasked with corralling students and enforcing safety rules throughout the day, an important responsibility. “I think that it’s good for the students to have this human interaction. But in the overall picture, I do want everyone to be safe. I know some of the teachers are concerned with that,” Moana Aiu said, who is one of the security guards in charge of temperature checks. “I think the state and Kaiser in general have done a good job of returning students safely, with the different guidelines and protocols they have implemented.” 

While the Kaiser administration has created rules and guidelines to protect the safety of students and staff, concerns have arisen regarding how strictly students are following them. “I do hope that students are following the rules that we have put in place,” Aiu said. “I’m just concerned when people don’t abide by the policies and wear their masks and take it seriously, because that compromises their and their peers’ safety.” To combat the issue, a three-strike policy has been implemented to enforce safety guidelines. “I have noticed a lot of people not abiding by the rules,” Aiu said. “We have a three strike mask policy, but once we bring it up to them, they [the students] usually start taking it more seriously because they do want to be here.”

As more students return to campus, our security guards will be more and more pressed to enforce compliance and secure the safety of the school. It will ultimately be up to the students to follow the rules and think about safety first. For the sake of the security guards, wear your masks, stay six feet apart, and stay healthy.

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