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Ask Madeleine: friendships and high school

  • Question 1: My friend of ten years and I have been going through a rocky patch lately. I’m afraid that we may stop being friends because both of us are pretty stubborn. What should I do?
    • Hey! I’m sorry to hear about your fight. A lot of friends go through arguments, and that’s completely normal. Give them a little bit of time and see if they reach out. If they don’t, then reach out first. It may be hard on your pride, but if you want the friendship to last then you’re going to have to put it aside. Hope everything goes well! 
  • Question 2: I’m a senior and I’ve realized that I haven’t really done much for my “high school experience.” I’m pretty antisocial and throughout all of high school, I never went to any sports games, dances, or joined any clubs. COVID has made me realize that I should’ve done more. I’m pretty sad about it and have regrets. What should I do?
    • Hey! I’m really sorry to hear that. I feel like this is a common thing for a lot of people that are soon to graduate high school, so don’t worry, you’re not alone. Try not to dwell on the past and your regrets because that doesn’t accomplish anything, and nothing will change other than you becoming more upset. Focus on what you can do now. There’s still time to make memories before this school year ends. 

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