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Boys volleyball hits it off again

After a long break, the Kaiser boys’ volleyball team is hungrier than ever to win. While they are able to practice and compete in games this season, they still take safety precautions and maintain social distancing to create a safe-to-play atmosphere. Despite the restrictions, the whole team is able to have fun and grow together once again. 

So far, the boys’ volleyball has hit off the season with a strong start. On April 21, the varsity team won against Moanalua with 3-2 sets. The following day, junior varsity won a scrimmage against Waipahu with 3-2. Although junior varsity lost the following game by one point to Waialua, varsity crushed them with 5-0. 

Practicing, though, is difficult. “The mask has kind of been a pain,” said junior Sebastian Stromsdorfer. “We keep far distance from JV and varsity…in groups.” With a total of three groups, each group consists of six to eight people while maintaining six feet apart.

The players feel fortunate to participate in volleyball this season, especially seniors like Rylan Kwok. Games were a major part of what he was excited for, but when he graduates and moves on to college, he will most miss “practicing with all of my friends and having fun with them,” he said. Similarly, when Stromsdorfer graduates, he’ll most miss “hanging out with my friends and practicing with my teammates,” he said. 

While boys’ volleyball has made a comeback, this is only the beginning. The whole Kaiser team yearns to ace their season with a strong finish, and make memories to fill in last year’s absence. 

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