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Updated School Email System

The start of this new school year brought along many changes, one of the more mysterious regards being the school email addresses. The old emails, under the Kaiserhs domain, were replaced with a new batch, which removed the domain entirely as well as replacing our names with SSID numbers. Many upperclassmen didn’t understand why there was such an unexpected change. “I was confused as to why I wasn’t receiving emails for about a week,” said senior Vash Costello-Royce. Amidst all this confusion came a voice of reason: the answer to how and why the email change occurred.

Although the new emails for students just came about, this isn’t the first that’s been heard about them. “All teachers were given k12 accounts a few years ago,” said Garrett Hatakenaka, the school’s technical director. Hatakenaka set up the new accounts along with some help from the state. “The DOE was going to move all the school[‘]s [students] over to the state k12. It was just a matter of when.” Many public schools had their own email domain, but that would make communication between them much more complicated. However, the new system would put every school under the same domain, allowing easy access for educators and students alike. “Kaiser was one of the first to move,” Hatakenaka stated. In exchange for being one of the first, the DOE offered extra assistance to Kaiser. This extra assistance not only helped streamline the process, but also allowed for more technical features to be implemented. 

“Anyone who has a Kaiserhs account can still log into it,” Hatakenaka said. On top of being able to log in, all of your files are still accessible. However, nothing new can be created. “It’s like a museum,” he remarked. Despite being able to access all of our old files on the old account, Hatakenaka worked vigorously to merge everyone’s emails, taking anything that was on the old Kaiserhs account and moving it onto the new k12 account. “I like to think from the user’s perspective,” Hatakenaka stated. “Like, what would the user want to see?” This task was no easy feat. There were around one thousand emails that had to be deleted or merged, as well as everything that was on the school Chromebooks. Luckily there was help from the DOE, which sped up the process. However, the transition was not a smooth ride. “There’s a lot of things you don’t think of until they happen.” Hatakenaka said. 

Despite the initial confusion and lack of information, a lot of work was put into the changing of these emails. The thought and effort carried out by Mr. Hatakenaka was remarkable, going the extra mile for a slight convenience. And with that, Henry J. Kaiser High School is now officially under the DOE k12 email domain, the first of many schools yet to come.

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