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New Faces: Keiko Burgess

Keiko Burgess, more commonly known as Eko sensei, is the new teacher in Kaiser’s Japanese program. Eko sensei comes from Tokyo, Japan and graduated from Kokugakuin University in Shibuya. She enjoys playing tennis, watching anime, and listening to both old and new pop music alike. Her favorite song is “Kimi wa tennenshoku,” or “You are So Colorful,” a Japanese pop song from the 1970’s by Ohtaki Eiichi. While very kind and lighthearted, Eko sensei was assigned  the task of taking over the Japanese IB program, as well as a Japanese 1 & 2 class. This means she teaches every grade. Luckily, for Eko sensei, she has quite the history when it comes to teaching.

Eko sensei has taught at over a dozen schools over the years, ranging from Aina Haina Elementary to Marshall Islands College, and was even a private tutor in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). However, she didn’t always want to be a teacher. Eko sensei first started off in broadcasting, hoping for her voice to be heard even if it was just announcing. Not too long after she graduated from University, she decided to travel the world where she would be presented the opportunity to teach Japanese, which she has been doing ever since. “I wanted to share my knowledge and experiences,” she said. “I could share my knowledge about Japan.”

Her willingness to travel and live in different parts of the world comes from her grandmother. “My grandmother is my biggest role model,” Eko said. “She worked so hard.” It’s this hard-working attitude that she wants her students to show whilst in her class. “Don’t waste your time!” Eko sensei exclaimed. She believes that time on Earth is short, so you should always spend your time wisely. “Maximize not minimize.” A wise message stemming from her grandmother’s footsteps. Eko sensei hasn’t been here for very long, but with her bright attitude she is bound to make an impact.

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