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New Faces – Kim Imamoto

 Those who aren’t Kaiser High athletes will likely be unfamiliar with the newest addition to Kaiser’s Athletics Department, a personal trainer with an extensive resume, Mrs. Kim Imamoto. Although new to Kaiser as of this year, Imamoto is certainly no newbie to her profession. For the last twenty-four years, Mrs. Imamoto has been working at various highschools and universities, including Pearl City High, where she served as an athletics trainer for the past seventeen years. Her desire to become a personal trainer began in her sophomore year of high school, when she injured her knee and was unable to receive proper rehabilitation. “At that point, I decided I wanted to be an athletic trainer so I could help student athletes with the prevention, management, evaluation, and rehabilitation of their athletic injuries,” Imamoto said.  Imamoto’s career has also given her the opportunity to travel,, participating in the National Athletics Trainer Association conference in Baltimore, at which Cal Ripken Jr., former shortstop of the Orioles, was the keynote speaker. With such an experienced past, Imamoto said, “A lot of things factored into my decision to come to Kaiser High School. Ultimately, I just needed a change and luckily for me, the Athletic Trainer position became available and I jumped at the chance.”

As you might expect from a person with such a vast knowledge of sports and general physical fitness, one of Mrs. Imamoto’s other passions is competing herself. She cites her greatest accomplishment to date as completing the ‘Ironman’  —a world renowned triathlon that begins with a 1.2 mile swim, then transitions into a 56.2 mile bike ride, and concludes with a 13.1 mile run— over on the Big Island. When she isn’t kicking (redacted) and taking names, she also enjoys spending time with her nephews and niece. 

“I do want to thank Mr. Mew and Mr. Chee for giving me this opportunity. Without them, I wouldn’t be here. And I also want to thank the student athletes, coaches, and staff as they have made my transition much easier than I had expected. I absolutely enjoy working at Kaiser and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,” Imamoto said.

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