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New Faces: Jolyn Len

              New to the Kaiser High staff is Jolyn Len, the culinary, baking, and capstone teacher.  Born in the islands, Len attended Maui CC, Hilo CC, Palamanui CC, Kapiolani CC and University of Hawaii– West Oahu. She has also worked with children and young adults as a foster parent, giving her experience to bring forth with her students.

Len chose Kaiser for her first teaching job because she lives near the school and found it “refreshing” not having to go a long distance to go to work as she used to when she lived on the Big Island.  She is glad to be teaching a class about food, one of her passions. “I feel fortunate to be teaching a subject that appeals to the major senses because every person has a different experience with food and it’s based on each individual’s perspective,” Len said. In addition to this new role at Kaiser High, Len is also currently enrolled at Leeward CC in the CTE Teaching Licensure Program.

Outside of the classroom, Len enjoys cooking, baking, shoreline fishing and hosting dinners with her foodie friends and family. As for food, her personal favorites are steaks and salads. She lives with her husband and two maltese/shih tzu dogs, as her children are all grown up. Miss Len is glad to be at Kaiser teaching a subject she loves.

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