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Predicted fashion trends in 2022

In 2022, there will be over a dozen trends, new and old, we can expect to see. Bold, flashy, colorful, Y2K, unconventional are several words to highlight not only clothing, but also accessories and footwear. From sequins, layers, vibrant colors, and prints to mini-micro bags and platforms, the diversification of these current and upcoming trends are bound to keep fashion interesting this year.

The Top Ten

  1. Vibrant Colors (pop of orange, purple, and green)

2. Menswear for Women (suits, blazers, dress pants)

3. Mini-micro Skirts / Preppy Looks

4. Sequins / Glitter & Glam

5. MAXIMALIST (“the aesthetic of excess” – loud prints, bright colors, lots of layerings)

6. Layering (dresses/long shirts over jeans, skirts over bottoms)

7. Crochet (comfort is king)

8. Platforms / CHunKy Shoes (the edgy shoes)

9. Sporty / Narrow Sunglasses (emphasizes the “I know I’m cool” kind of look)

10. Tiny Shoulder Bags / Big Tote Bags

Throughout the year, we’ll get to see how these trends are incorporated into the different seasons, and which trends may grow in popularity or die out. Which trends do you think are the most popular right now? What trends do you think need to die?

There are many trends that I am really into, but my current favorites are the sunglasses, since it makes me feel just as cool as Dua Lipa, and the menswear for women because I support the idea that women don’t have to be confined to wearing women-only clothing. For the trends I think should die, there isn’t anything in particular I have in mind, but here are my opinions: 1) Lots of rips in jeans are not very appealing to me. 2) Personally, I am not the biggest fan of crocs, but I think it looks good on a lot of people. 3) I think mini/short skirts are cute, like the preppy look kind of skirts, but I have recently seen skirts that are way too short such that it is quite revealing. If skirts are this short, why need a skirt at all?

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