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The differences between COVID variants

The Coronavirus pandemic has been going strong since 2020 and only last year have vaccines been made available. But recently there have been variants of COVID 19 popping up. The most prevalent are Omicron and Delta with Delta appearing before Omicron. The original virus COVID 19 is going to be the basis for the two variants since it came first.

The Delta variant was discovered first in India in the late 2020’s. All of its symptoms are the same as COVID’s but the variant grows more rapidly in the respiratory tract meaning people get sicker faster from it. Interestingly, vaccinated people tend to be asymptomatic or only have mild symptoms from Delta.

Omicron first came in December 2021 taking delta’s place as the most dominant strain infecting people. It was first found in South Africa but it quickly spread around the world. One thing different from the other viruses is that it spreads much quicker and easier than the other variants. It also has milder symptoms when compared to the others. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous, it has killed and hospitalized some people who got it.

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