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Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day, while fun and romantic, can elicit stress in the weeks prior searching for the perfect gift for those you love. Finding the right way to express your feelings to loved ones can be difficult. You want to find something special that can become personal to them and your relationship. If you’re not sure what to gift, here are some creative ideas:

  1. Star Map

thestarsaround on Etsy: “Gift for Boyfriend from Girlfriend to Him | Men Birthday | Husband Anniversary | Personalize Night Sky | Custom Star Map Gift | Star Poster”

Gift your partner a map of the stars on the night that holds the greatest meaning to you. Whether it’s the day you met, first kissed, said “I love you,” or got married, a picture of how the stars aligned on that special night will mean a lot, especially to those who love nature or astrology. 

2. Music Gifts

BonneStudio on Etsy “Romantic Personalized Record – Birthday Gift for Her – Anniversary Gift for Partner – Couples Gift – Valentines Gift – Boyfriend”

PixArtsCo on Etsy “Personalized Gift Glass Art First Anniversary Gift for Boyfriend Custom Album Cover Music Plaque, Personalize Gift with Photo, Wedding”

shopONYXco on Etsy “Custom Embroidered Spotify Code Sweatshirt”

Music can evoke emotions and bring back memories. Choose a special song and your favorite picture together to create a cute, personalized art piece. You could even make a Spotify playlist with multiple songs and get an embroidered sweatshirt with the unique code. Whenever the code is scanned, the playlist will begin to play.

3. Personalized Movie

Put together a mini movie of your favorite moments together. Compile all your videos and pictures, put a meaningful song in the background, and watch it with your loved one on Valentine’s Day.

4. Mini Album

SpedearGifts on Etsy “Memorial Album,Custom Photo Gift,Personalized Film Roll Keychain,Personalized Photo Album, Gifts for Girlfriend, boyfriend Anniversary Gift”

UniqueGiftLove on Etsy “Personalized Leather Photo Keychain – Couples Gift for Boyfriend, Anniversary Gifts Couples”

Pictures capture your life together– compile them all in a creative way, such as a mini keychain book or film roll.

5. Letter

No matter what gift you decide on, write your partner a sincere letter. Words can go a long way; write them down so they can be kept forever. Express your feelings, reminisce on your favorite memories, excite yourself for the future– put it all down on paper for the person you care for.

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