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America’s role in Ukraine

At the end of February, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his military to enter Ukraine, stating his purpose was to “de-militarize and de-Nazify Ukraine.” However, his invasion appears to be in response to Ukraine’s increasing friendship with Western Europe and the United States and the possibility of the country joining NATO. Despite some predicting Russia would easily take over Ukraine, the offensive was stalled by dogged Ukrainian resistance. This has dragged the fighting out for over a month with a quick ending appearing unlikely. The United States has provided some weapons and supplies to Ukraine, as well as releasing several rounds of sanctions on Russia. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian government has called for more direct intervention from the United States, such as the implementation of a no-fly zone over Ukraine and the delivery of military planes, which the United States have hesitated to move forward with. However, the United States needs to provide more weapons and supplies for Ukraine, put  harsher sanctions into place, and consider future plans for Russia. 

First off, the United States needs to provide more weapons to Ukraine. While the United States has been sending significant amounts of weapons to Ukraine, this needs to be happening at a much higher rate. Should Russian forces gain control of trade routes and Ukrainian airspace, providing weapons to resistance fighters would become extremely difficult. Given that this could happen in a matter of days or weeks, the United States needs to provide a greater amount of weapons, both to prevent Russia from gaining control of the country and preparing for if they did. The United States  should also provide different types of weapons to Ukraine. So far, the United States have mostly provided basic ammunition and weapons, body armor, as well as anti-tank and anti-aircraft systems. This is certainly helpful, but Ukraine also needs aircraft, especially fighter jets, to continue to keep back the Russian military.

The United States also needs to implement more sanctions on Russia. Like with supplying weapons, the federal government has already issued severe sanctions against Russia, but these could be stricter. The Biden administration needs to root out international Russian financial assets and sanction these. The United States also needs to strongly pressure other countries to stop buying Russian oil and gas, or place sanctions on international Russian energy sales. The Biden administration has hesitated on these measures, given that it could worsen domestic inflation or harm the global economy. However, the money Russia makes from energy exports allows them to pay to continue their invasion of Ukraine. Until Russia faces meaningful punishments, their atrocities will continue. 

Finally, the United States needs to create long-term plans for how to deal with Russia. Eastern European countries, including the Baltic nations, Poland, Moldova, Romania, and Finland, need to have a stockpile of weapons as well as NATO forces stationed there. A country having NATO forces defending it would likely discourage Russia from invading other nations. Furthermore, the United States should consider their long-term goal for Putin and Russian oligarchs. Given the atrocities Russian forces have committed in Ukraine, such as the apparent deliberate killing of civilians, a war crimes investigation should be conducted. The International Criminal Court has opened a preliminary examination into the invasion of Ukraine as well as war crimes and crimes against humanity being committed there. While Putin wouldn’t voluntarily appear for a trial, the court could issue an arrest warrant for him. This would allow him to be arrested by police in any nation he travels to. Alternatively, another country’s domestic court could prosecute Putin, as war crimes can be prosecuted by any court, even if they do not have jurisdiction over the area where the crimes occurred. 

The atrocities committed by Russia should force the United States to use stronger measures to oppose them. Until the United States provides more weapons to Ukraine, implements harsher sanctions, and creates long-term plans for this conflict, Russia will continue these actions. Not taking decisive steps in an effort to prevent escalation simply gives Russia a green light to attack other nations. At some point, the United States will be forced to confront Russia, and the sooner they do so, the less bloodshed occurs. 

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