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Hawaii Loa Ridge murder

On April 8, a 23 year old man, Juan Tejedor Baron, has been arrested by Honolulu police on suspicion of second-degree murder, one count of first-degree theft, one count of first-degree theft of a vehicle, and identity theft. He was extradited from Los Angeles to Hawaii after attempting to flee. On March 9, he was arrested in Anaheim, California before being extradited to Honolulu.

Baron is suspected of killing Gary Ruby, a 73 year old man, in his Hawaii Loa Ridge Home. The two had an intimate relationship; however, it soon ended horribly. Ruby was murdered and buried in a bathtub of cement. The reason behind this murder is due to Ruby admitting that he was HIV positive after having intimate relations with Baron. On March 7, police arrived at Ruby’s house on a welfare check due to his brother’s request. When they arrived, Baron tried claiming that he had purchased the home five years ago from Ruby. The police checked the records and saw that it had been Ruby’s home since 2020. Baron then changed his story to buying the house two years ago. They found Baron and Scott Hannon at his home, but they were not detained. However, after the police found Ruby’s body encased in concrete on March 8, the two became suspects. The two men fled to California. Baron was found hiding in a bus that was scheduled to cross the border to Mexico. Hannon was arrested, but then later released. 

Baron admitted to killing Ruby. He said he strangled him with a belt and then slit his wrists to attempt to stage a suicide. He then placed Ruby’s body in the bathtub and filled it with cement, covering the top with a layer of coffee grounds to hide any foul smells. He is also accused of living in Ruby’s home unlawfully and impersonating him. If Ruby is convicted then he could face life without possibility of parole. 

Two Bay Area men have come forward saying that they spent time with Baron when they were visiting Honolulu. He invited them to the Hawaii Loa Ridge home, which was Ruby’s. The two men are shocked that the man they spent time with on vacation is an accused murderer, but relieved that he was arrested. A local man also says that he spent time with the suspect during the time frame of the murder and that Baron would also invite him to the Hawaii Loa Ridge home and pay for drinks. He thinks that Baron was most likely using the victim’s card. More information is still waiting to come…


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