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Junior Prom: “Once Upon a Time”

Kaiser’s junior prom was a highly anticipated event as students were excited to party with their friends after the damper COVID brought to our social lives. On Friday April 15, students celebrated the night at a “once upon a time” themed Hilton hotel. Did the event live up to its expectations? 

Many students followed pre-prom traditions, dressing up together, going out for pictures, and blasting music on the ride up. “The whole getting-ready-for-prom experience was just as much fun as the actual prom,” freshman Mustafa Elshikh said. Some groups went as far as renting limos for the twenty minute drive.

Once attendees had arrived and made their way to their tables, dinner was served. Dinner consisted of salad, mashed potatoes, buns, prime rib, pork, and more. Some students commented saying they wish there were more dinner options. Being on Good Friday, Kayleigh Hanaoka said “three of our table couldn’t eat meat”– the only main entree. However, dinner was still fun for the students, “Getting to eat a fancy dinner while dressed nicely with friends was just a unique experience that I enjoyed,” Elshikh said.

Students also used this time, as well as the rest of the night, to take pictures at the two photobooths. The booths were set up with a wide variety of props and the option of receiving photos digitally as well. “I liked the photo booth. It’s a great way to preserve long lasting memories,” Richard Lorenzotti said. The booth seemed to be one of the many highlights for students who were able to goof off and capture the night in photos. However, students did complain that the line took “forever.”

Now for the dance itself, students seemed to have mixed opinions over the music. Some said it was good, while others, such as Hanaoka, said she wished they played “more modern music” and “didn’t repeat songs.” However, the dance still seems a success. “The music was okay, but I honestly think we were all having so much fun with each other that we barely noticed it,” junior Lindsey Clement said. Elshikh described the dance as “just so much fun.” Students were seen jumping up and down, screaming out lyrics, and by the looks of it, having a great time.

Overall, it appears Kaiser students view their prom night as a great one. They all created unique memories and had a fun time in their own ways. Hanaoka reports her favorite memory being dancing to Pitbull, whereas Lorenzotti remembers “eating way too much chocolate syrup and throwing water on each other.”“There was just the perfect ratio of being classy and going completely wild. I got so many fun pictures with my friends to remember the event,” Elshikh said.

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