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Our Staff

Natalie Clay

Throughout my entire experience at Kaiser High thus far, I have been engaged in writing for the Cougar Connection. Needless to say, I am excited to take on the position of Co-Editor-in-Chief for my Junior year. Outside of the newsroom, I enjoy exploring the island, stargazing, jiu jitsu, and weightlifting.

Hannah Han

I joined Newswriting to write stories that are concise and allow people to gain information easily. As one of our Editors I will do my best to help bring out exciting stories from our school and work hard throughout my time here. Besides writing I also enjoy reading novels such as The Brothers Karamazov and Anna Karenina.

Lienne Tung

I joined Newswriting during my junior year to advance in my writing skills and to expand my social circle. As one of the Co-Editor-in-Chiefs in my senior year with the Cougar Connection, I aim to create a positive atmosphere in the newswriting room, guide staff members with their tasks, and continue improving on my writing skills. For my enjoyment, I love to make jewelry, bake, learn foreign languages, and play sudoku.

Charlotte Tang

I joined the Cougar Connection in my Sophomore year and have enjoyed designing layouts for the newspaper. Club and co-curricular activities fill up much of my time, but outside of school, I enjoy going shopping with friends and watching movies at home to unwind.

Luke Bender

I joined Newswriting because I wanted to test my ability as a writer, so I plan to make the most of my time in the newsroom. Outside of academics, I enjoy playing games and watching anime. I also watch a lot of YouTube videos, and love listening to and analyzing music.

Lilianna Cantorna

This is my first year with the Cougar Connection team and I am very excited to be one of the new members. I have always loved writing but never had the place or encouragement to do such things besides writing in journals, and when I heard that Kaiser had a news writing team, I took advantage of the moment. As the years go on,  I look forward to being a part of our staff and growing as a person creatively and as a team academically. In my free time I like to sleep and hangout with my family.

Melina Espinosa

As a first-year at Kaiser High, I’m excited to create new experiences at the Cougar Connection. I was intrigued by how unique this class was and I aim to do my best. I look forward to working with everyone here and growing from the things I learned. This class seemed perfect for me because I enjoy reading and writing, and creating things for other people to enjoy.

Ailee Knauff

 I enjoy reading adventure and fantasy books, and watching movies. The Empirium trilogy and Roman Holiday are some of my favorites. I also enjoy baking macarons and cookies for my friends and families. On my free days I like to head to the beach or the mall with my friends. 

Emma Raines

I joined Newswriting my senior year because I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing articles. Participating in newspaper production is new to me, but I’m excited to inform students about the interesting activities that go on at Kaiser High. Some other things I’m interested in are swimming, surfing, art, and music. 

Madeleine San

I’ve been in Newswriting since freshman year, making this year (my senior year) my fourth one writing for the Cougar Connection. Outside of the newsroom, I enjoy expressing myself through fashion and hair colors. My interests include baking, fashion, and drawing.

Ty Shibata

As a freshman I am new to the Cougar Connection and have taken on the role of photographer as I’ve always been interested in photography. When I’m not working I like playing video games and sleeping in. My favorite food is currently pizza.

Peter Vahsen

I joined the Cougar Connection because I like writing and creating stories, especially fiction pieces. This is my first year on the newspaper. I hope to make the newspaper appeal to as many people as possible by covering a variety of topics. I also enjoy playing soccer and baking.

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