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Water contaminated at 350 times the safe level.

On November 20, 2021, there was a jet fuel spill at a storage facility that contaminated the water making it 350 times above the safe drinking level.  Around this time, the state health department first began receiving reports of a “fuel or gasoline-like odor” from the water. After a week, nearly 1,000 military households hadContinue reading “Water contaminated at 350 times the safe level.”

Spider-Man: The final triology?

(NOT Spoiler Free) On opening day, fans did not disappoint. Spider-man: No Way Home reached #3 on the biggest worldwide opening of all time, just behind Avengers: Endgame and Avengers: Infinity War. The film is currently #6 on the lifetime grosses with $1,740,845,239. As the previews have revealed, Spider-Man: No Way Home brings in charactersContinue reading “Spider-Man: The final triology?”

Souffle pancakes, smoogurts, and more!

Sun Tea Mix may be one of the best dessert/drink cafes in Hawaii. Not only do they have a unique selection of drinks you may never have heard of, but it’s also one of the best interiorly designed cafes I’ve ever seen. One interesting drink that is only available at Sun Tea Mix is theContinue reading “Souffle pancakes, smoogurts, and more!”

Is the U.S responsible for Afghanistan?

Do those with power have the responsibility to protect those without? To what extent must we hold our moral code towards other countries? Have we already accounted for this obligation in Afghanistan, or must we continue to assist them more than what we’ve done? On August 31, 2021 President Joe Biden answered this question byContinue reading “Is the U.S responsible for Afghanistan?”

Surviving COVID-19 with pets

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on a lot of stress to the average American family, not only with physical health problems, but also mental and social issues. However, even now, man’s best friend has always been by our side. Studies have shown that owning a companion animal benefits mental health. Just like with people, interactionsContinue reading “Surviving COVID-19 with pets”

Damage and graffiti at Kaiser High School

Our school has been vandalized twice this school year. In November, an unidentified man skated onto school property at night and spray-painted profanities onto school buildings. On New Year’s Eve, a suspect fired half-a-dozen holes into the office door with a paintball gun, breaking several lights. The same person is believed to be the suspectContinue reading “Damage and graffiti at Kaiser High School”

Wonder Woman 1984 not so wonderful

Wonder Woman was widely renowned as the best DC movie, winning several awards including Movie of the Year (AFI Awards, USA), Best Action Movie (Critics Choice Awards), and Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movie (Dragon Awards). And last year, fans were thrilled to hear of a sequel. On December 24, 2020, Wonder Woman 1984 was released to muchContinue reading “Wonder Woman 1984 not so wonderful”

Mask sewing by a math teacher

School can take a heavy toll on both teachers and students, especially during this time, so having a hobby can help cope with stress. Kristie Yamamoto, a math teacher at Kaiser, has an interesting hobby: sewing. Yamamoto isn’t staying idle in her free time—she’s being productive by sewing cloth face masks.  This means of recreationContinue reading “Mask sewing by a math teacher”