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Over 50% students opted-out

When Kaiser announced that students would be returning to school in person in the 3rd quarter, students were given the choice to recuse themselves from attending. Known as the “opt-out,” the option would allow students to continue virtual learning from the first semester. Over 50% of the student body (not including Acellus-registered students) immediately decidedContinue reading “Over 50% students opted-out”

What is school doing to help students socialize? Not enough.

School’s purpose is not solely education, but also social interaction. Group education is merely a convenient, productive vehicle for sharing experiences. Otherwise, schools wouldn’t expend so much effort to facilitate social events for their students. At Kaiser specifically, Principal Justin Mew has also repeatedly emphasized the social needs of the student body in addition toContinue reading “What is school doing to help students socialize? Not enough.”

Homecoming’s absence leaves heartbreak

Kaiser has officially canceled homecoming. Due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic, the Hawaii State Department of Education (DOE) announced in January the cancellation of all public school social events for the remainder of the year. Principal Justin Mew made a similar school-wide declaration a day later, naming proms, class days, and even assemblies as cutContinue reading “Homecoming’s absence leaves heartbreak”

Clubs’ persistence through social distance

The coronavirus pandemic closed schools worldwide, sending students back home to learn from a screen. As a result, student-led organizations based on school campuses were left adrift. Here at Kaiser High School, club presidents scrambled to keep their clubs and activities afloat.  All clubs at Kaiser are required to hold regular meetings, which were typicallyContinue reading “Clubs’ persistence through social distance”

Kaiser PTSA Farmer’s Market falls victim to COVID

The continued closure of the Kaiser PTSA Farmer’s Market has left an unfillable void in the Kaiser community. Vendors have lost their incomes, and market-goers have lost access to the culinary delight that was the market. With no further Department of Education (DOE) announcements in sight, there is little hope that the market will returnContinue reading “Kaiser PTSA Farmer’s Market falls victim to COVID”

Kaiser seniors to return December 7

On December 7,  Kaiser High School will reopen its gates to Kaiser seniors, with the rest of the student body to return in the 3rd quarter. Principal Justin Mew has introduced a phased reopening plan, with students coming back one grade level at a time, to prevent any potential COVID-19 super-spreader events centered at theContinue reading “Kaiser seniors to return December 7”