New perspectives on a new schedule

In response to social distancing requirements in schools, Kaiser has pioneered a new class schedule. The most notable change: A free Wednesday except for a 30 minute Kaiser Advisory Period (KAP) in the morning. Students weigh in on the new schedule. Mental health benefits By Dacee Tsue Students now have four regular days of classesContinue reading “New perspectives on a new schedule”

Open Letters: The recent election

The 2020 presidential election was a source of great controversy nationwide, and as such, individuals here at Kaiser have opinions as well. We asked two teachers with contrasting views for their take on the legitimacy of the election. Their responses below (left and right columns) will be kept anonymous for the sake of their privacy.Continue reading “Open Letters: The recent election”

Inside the publications room, Episode 1: First Feather

By Tara Mie Morisato Behind each newsworthy narrative is another story that most often goes untold — the writer’s. This series will explore narratives from the perspectives of each of the Cougar Connection’s co-editors-in-chief. My endeavor with the Cougar Connection began in sophomore year, with the explosive and premature ending of our football season. AfterContinue reading “Inside the publications room, Episode 1: First Feather”

Voices of change: an infographic

by Eui Jin Song Every year, public school students from grade 3-12 in Hawaii take the Panorama Student Survey, which gathers student perception data about teaching, learning, and school climate. The survey asks students to rate their school on categories like classroom engagement, classroom climate, and teacher-student relationships. It is used by educators to analyzeContinue reading “Voices of change: an infographic”

Kaiser students create non-gender specific court committee

By Ingus Stegis As early as 2013, LGBTQ+ high schoolers nationwide have run for homecoming and prom court positions, and in several instances, won their elections. However, these victories often resulted in controversy, escalating to bullying and harassment in extreme cases.  At Kaiser, this year’s homecoming court included sophomore Neil Frankel, who identifies as aContinue reading “Kaiser students create non-gender specific court committee”

New plans for chicken infestation

By Sierra Okazaki / Photo by Shane Matson For several years, Kaiser has endured a chicken infestation on campus. The chickens escape from the farm behind the school and enter by digging holes underneath the school’s fences. Once inside, they establish territorial grounds and repopulate at a rapid rate. Many students argue that the chickensContinue reading “New plans for chicken infestation”

CollegeBoard fails the test

As students, we’d like to think that the college applications we work so hard on are reviewed word-for-word, but that’s just not the case. According to the U.S. News and World Report, colleges can receive up to ninety thousand applications every year, making it impractical for humans to spend more than a few minutes onContinue reading “CollegeBoard fails the test”

#1 or #2? Kaiser Bathroom Review

Of approximately 20 existing bathrooms at our school, only around five are open for general student use. Those available restrooms were not created (or at least maintained) equally. Save for the students who avoid public toilets, most students at Kaiser believe strongly in the superiority of certain bathrooms on campus.  Note: For the sake ofContinue reading “#1 or #2? Kaiser Bathroom Review”

Kaiser students represent the United States in World Tsunami Conference in Hokkaido

When you think about Japan, you first think about its picturesque landscapes, delicious cuisine, and advanced technology. Yet, as an island that rests directly on four tectonic plates, Japan is also heavily prone to tsunamis—in 2011, the Tohoku Tsunami wreaked havoc on the country and caused the deaths of more than 15,000 people. To directlyContinue reading “Kaiser students represent the United States in World Tsunami Conference in Hokkaido”