The Alley opens its doors in Ala Moana

Are you a bubble-tea fanatic? Then you don’t want to miss out on The Alley!  Located in Ala Moana shopping center, The Alley first opened in Taiwan in 2013 and has rapidly expanded across the world since then. With branches in Korea, France, Australia, and many more, they have finally opened a branch here inContinue reading “The Alley opens its doors in Ala Moana”

Community contributes new thermometer against fight with COVID-19

The COVID pandemic has led to the creation of new rules and regulations, including temperature checks. If you’re coming onto campus, don’t forget to visit the office’s new heat sensor and sanitizing station. Installed by security guard Nick Hironaka and athletic director Nelson Chee, a new thermometer donated by Vice-Principal Whitney Mahoney stands mounted inContinue reading “Community contributes new thermometer against fight with COVID-19”

A safe Halloween for special education students

This past Halloween, the special education students found a way trick-or-treat safely: by gathering candy on campus. When the clock struck 11, the Cougars made their way to their first destination, awaiting a surprise at E Building. To respect social distancing mandates, health teacher Jamie Psak—dressed up in a full-face baby mask—rappelled a bag fullContinue reading “A safe Halloween for special education students”