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How to be better prepared for college

College is a major transition for graduating high school seniors. It is a time when teenagers become young adults who take on more responsibility and become independent. This, of course, doesn’t come without stressors: managing financial well-being, heavy loads of work, maintaining a social life while balancing work and academics. I, myself, am no qualifiedContinue reading “How to be better prepared for college”

“At Last…” Senior Prom

After the long-awaited event of senior prom, the class of 2022 has the opportunity to participate in one of their last main high school events on April 30. As the first class to have an in-person prom since the pandemic outbreak, there is much excitement and celebration in store for the seniors.  This year’s theme,Continue reading ““At Last…” Senior Prom”

Seniors’ advice for juniors

Junior and senior year are the most challenging years in high school. Having to juggle academics, extracurriculars, part-time jobs, and college preparation throughout both years is quite stressful. As a senior, I can certainly say that junior me would’ve loved some advice or guidance from the seniors. Hopefully, this collection of seniors’ advice will provideContinue reading “Seniors’ advice for juniors”

Predicted fashion trends in 2022

In 2022, there will be over a dozen trends, new and old, we can expect to see. Bold, flashy, colorful, Y2K, unconventional are several words to highlight not only clothing, but also accessories and footwear. From sequins, layers, vibrant colors, and prints to mini-micro bags and platforms, the diversification of these current and upcoming trendsContinue reading “Predicted fashion trends in 2022”

3 easy recipes to fall for

December is finally here, which means the winter season is right around the corner and the countdown to Christmas has started. But who said it’s too late to make fall recipes? (Maybe those who already started getting in the Christmas spirit even before Thanksgiving.) And technically, fall doesn’t end until December 21st. So to celebrateContinue reading “3 easy recipes to fall for”

Respect ⎯ Jennifer Hudson’s attempt to embody Aretha Franklin backfired

Respect, a biopic released on August 13, 2021, follows the rise of Aretha Franklin’s career and her journey to find her voice. Before this release, Amazing Grace had finally come out in 2018 after a 50-year long delay. This was the first documentary on Franklin, which presented the live recording of her album ‘Amazing Grace’Continue reading “Respect ⎯ Jennifer Hudson’s attempt to embody Aretha Franklin backfired”

Boys volleyball hits it off again

After a long break, the Kaiser boys’ volleyball team is hungrier than ever to win. While they are able to practice and compete in games this season, they still take safety precautions and maintain social distancing to create a safe-to-play atmosphere. Despite the restrictions, the whole team is able to have fun and grow togetherContinue reading “Boys volleyball hits it off again”

Student Body Leadership finishes origami crane mobile

On April 14, the Kaiser Student Body Leadership (SB Leadership) completed the Origami Crane Mobile. This project marked Kaiser students’ and faculty members’ resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic. After about four months of planning, folding, and collecting, the library stair spindles – the vertical shafts that hold up the handrails – are now adorned withContinue reading “Student Body Leadership finishes origami crane mobile”

First launch of two mass vaccination sites brings relief to Hawaii

With the recent launch of two mass vaccination sites – one at Pier 2 and the other at the Blaisdell Center – we can hope for the return to normalcy in our lives. On January 18, the first site launched at Pier 2, managed by Hawaii Pacific Health. The week after, on January 25, theContinue reading “First launch of two mass vaccination sites brings relief to Hawaii”

Divided opinion on tourists’ return

In March, Governor David Ige had issued a statewide lockdown order in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Each and every person was required to stay at home, avoiding physical contact with friends and loved ones to protect the community. Throughout these times, the daily coronavirus case rates were going up and down, up to 355Continue reading “Divided opinion on tourists’ return”