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Ask Madeleine: friendships and high school

Question 1: My friend of ten years and I have been going through a rocky patch lately. I’m afraid that we may stop being friends because both of us are pretty stubborn. What should I do? Hey! I’m sorry to hear about your fight. A lot of friends go through arguments, and that’s completely normal.Continue reading “Ask Madeleine: friendships and high school”

Teachers on virtual learning

With more people getting vaccinated every day, it seems that by the next school year, Kaiser will be safely returning to in-person learning. Many students are excited to return to school, while others wish they could do virtual learning forever. But what about the teachers? Most teachers hold synchronous classes. Elizabeth Ben, who teaches sixContinue reading “Teachers on virtual learning”

Outfit ideas to pair with your mask

Let’s start off with a simple cute outfit. The weather has been pretty chilly recently, so dressing up with layers and long clothes is ideal. For girls, a pair of black mom jeans with a corset style top and a cardigan/jacket would pair well with a cloth mask. You can’t go wrong with a ginghamContinue reading “Outfit ideas to pair with your mask”

Ask Madeleine: Pandemic Struggles

“I enjoy having school online, but I miss being able to socialize. I’m new to Kaiser and don’t have any friends. How can I make friends if I’m scared and shy?”  -Antisocial and Afraid Response: Hey! I know it’s hard for a lot of people to step out of their comfort zone and talk toContinue reading “Ask Madeleine: Pandemic Struggles”

New Faces 2020: Tyler Kochi

Having worked in a hospital, Tyler Kochi is a kind hearted soul, and carries these qualities with him to Kaiser.  Before teaching, Kochi previously worked at Queen’s Medical Center at the Family Treatment Center, counselling patients. “My job was to maintain the safety of all patients that were in my care,” he said. He providedContinue reading “New Faces 2020: Tyler Kochi”

How students have been coping with quarantine

With a pandemic in progress and school held online, many have been stuck inside their homes, burdened with stress and boredom. In response, students have picked up new hobbies and interests. For freshman Brandon Lun, being stuck at home is a mixed blessing. “I’m bummed that I can’t see my friends but I enjoy theContinue reading “How students have been coping with quarantine”