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Movie review: “Turning Red”

Turning into a red panda every time you experience strong emotions has got to be exhausting. In the movie “Turning Red,” this is exactly Mei Lee’s situation. “Turning Red,” a coming-of-age film about a 13-year-old girl named Mei Lee, is a movie that has gained popularity ever since its release in late February. She soonContinue reading “Movie review: “Turning Red””

New Face: Justin Maxwell

“A good teacher is present and able to have constructive conversations with students,” Justin Maxwell states. At Kaiser High School, Maxwell teaches AP biology and marine science, but he is most excited to be teaching AP biology. Maxwell attended  the University of Arkansas and has a background in chemistry, specifically biochemistry, which is why heContinue reading “New Face: Justin Maxwell”

Students’ Perspective: Mandatory Vaccination Mandate On Sports

Now there are lots of incentives for someone to get vaccinated; whether it be to fly, go to work, or even to just eat inside your favorite restaurant. The new mandate at Kaiser High School states that only those who have been vaccinated may play in a sport. But this is seen as an inconvenienceContinue reading “Students’ Perspective: Mandatory Vaccination Mandate On Sports”