Climate change in Hawaii

Earlier this year in March, Haleiwa residents experienced extreme flooding, destroying their homes and driving some from the area. Scientists have reported that extreme weather events such as this are becoming more and more common, and most attribute this increase to climate change. “Hawaii’s climate is changing in ways that are consistent with the influenceContinue reading “Climate change in Hawaii”

Girls’ Water Polo resurfaces

On May 10th, Kaiser’s Lady Cougar Water Polo team was excited to have in-person practice for the first time this school year. Luckily, their practices have not been too altered by the pandemic. “The only difference is we wear masks and try to distance while doing dryland and out-of-water workouts,” sophomore Jaime Farah said. SinceContinue reading “Girls’ Water Polo resurfaces”

The Kaiser community receives COVID-19 vaccinations

More people in the Kaiser community have been receiving their COVID-19 vaccinations, including students, parents, and teachers. There is no clear number on how many teachers and students at Kaiser have gotten the vaccine, as their personal information is confidential. Even so, teachers and students have been sharing their vaccination experiences. With increased vaccination rates,Continue reading “The Kaiser community receives COVID-19 vaccinations”

After you’re vaccinated, keep that mask on

Despite differing opinions on mask-wearing, it seems that everybody is in equal anticipation to see each other’s smiling faces again. Many are looking forward to getting vaccinated for COVID-19 as a return to fresh air—but reconsider ripping off your mask. For the peace-of-mind and safety of yourself and others, keep your mask on. Here’s why:Continue reading “After you’re vaccinated, keep that mask on”

Time to eat local

Hawaii, despite its reputation as paradise, has its fair share of problems, one of which is food security. Currently, Hawaii only produces roughly 10-15% of its necessary food supply, while the remaining 85-90% is imported from across the ocean. Relying on the importation of food usually means consuming foods with more pesticides and genetic modificationsContinue reading “Time to eat local”

Raising Cane’s raises the bar

Back in June, Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers opened up their second location on the island in the Hawai’i Kai Towne Center, replacing Burger King. On the opening day of the first location, people formed a long line out the door of the restaurant. What’s more, the Hawaii Kai location has the restaurant’s only drive-thru onContinue reading “Raising Cane’s raises the bar”

The reason for Hawaii’s peaceful protests

After prolonged police violence towards African Americans, George Floyd’s death was the final indignity that pushed the nation towards outrage and protest. Hawaii News Now reported protesters on the mainland United States breaking in windows, attacking officers with bottles, and even setting a police car on fire. They went on to mention, however, that “Honolulu’sContinue reading “The reason for Hawaii’s peaceful protests”