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America’s role in Ukraine

At the end of February, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his military to enter Ukraine, stating his purpose was to “de-militarize and de-Nazify Ukraine.” However, his invasion appears to be in response to Ukraine’s increasing friendship with Western Europe and the United States and the possibility of the country joining NATO. Despite some predicting RussiaContinue reading “America’s role in Ukraine”

Hawaii COVID cases decreasing

Throughout February and March, daily COVID-19 cases in Hawaii have been decreasing steadily. Whereas COVID cases were at several thousand per day in January, they are now down to around a hundred. This decrease in cases came with a series of changes:restrictions to ease and the state’s economy to improve, and the rise of aContinue reading “Hawaii COVID cases decreasing”

New Faces: Clarence Chun

“For me, art is not just painting, and drawing, and doing pretty pictures. It’s about transcending what it is that we do as artists in our creative way of thinking and applying that creative thinking to solving problems outside in the real world.” Clarence Chun, who goes by Kumu Kau’i, began teaching at Kaiser inContinue reading “New Faces: Clarence Chun”

School or Home: Should Kaiser Return to Distance Learning?

This summer, the Hawaii Department of Education announced that all students would return to in-person school with no widespread option for distance learning. This was a controversial decision, as many people considered that the dangers of COVID-19 outweighed the benefits of in-person instruction. Two months after the return of full in-person classes, nothing changed significantlyContinue reading “School or Home: Should Kaiser Return to Distance Learning?”