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The differences between COVID variants

The Coronavirus pandemic has been going strong since 2020 and only last year have vaccines been made available. But recently there have been variants of COVID 19 popping up. The most prevalent are Omicron and Delta with Delta appearing before Omicron. The original virus COVID 19 is going to be the basis for the twoContinue reading “The differences between COVID variants”

New Faces: Jolyn Len

              New to the Kaiser High staff is Jolyn Len, the culinary, baking, and capstone teacher.  Born in the islands, Len attended Maui CC, Hilo CC, Palamanui CC, Kapiolani CC and University of Hawaii– West Oahu. She has also worked with children and young adults as a foster parent, giving her experience to bring forth withContinue reading “New Faces: Jolyn Len”