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“At Last…” Senior Prom

After the long-awaited event of senior prom, the class of 2022 has the opportunity to participate in one of their last main high school events on April 30. As the first class to have an in-person prom since the pandemic outbreak, there is much excitement and celebration in store for the seniors.  This year’s theme,Continue reading ““At Last…” Senior Prom”

Chick-Fil-A Coming to Hawaii

Chick-fil-A, a popular fast food chain in the U.S., is finally opening its doors in Hawaii. This long anticipated arrival comes as exciting news to the many who have had the opportunity to try it before. Chick-fil-A specializes in making chicken sandwiches, which has recently become mainstream in fast food restaurants, and are well knownContinue reading “Chick-Fil-A Coming to Hawaii”

Junior Prom: “Once Upon a Time”

Kaiser’s junior prom was a highly anticipated event as students were excited to party with their friends after the damper COVID brought to our social lives. On Friday April 15, students celebrated the night at a “once upon a time” themed Hilton hotel. Did the event live up to its expectations?  Many students followed pre-promContinue reading “Junior Prom: “Once Upon a Time””

Movie review: “Turning Red”

Turning into a red panda every time you experience strong emotions has got to be exhausting. In the movie “Turning Red,” this is exactly Mei Lee’s situation. “Turning Red,” a coming-of-age film about a 13-year-old girl named Mei Lee, is a movie that has gained popularity ever since its release in late February. She soonContinue reading “Movie review: “Turning Red””

Spider-Man: The final triology?

(NOT Spoiler Free) On opening day, fans did not disappoint. Spider-man: No Way Home reached #3 on the biggest worldwide opening of all time, just behind Avengers: Endgame and Avengers: Infinity War. The film is currently #6 on the lifetime grosses with $1,740,845,239. As the previews have revealed, Spider-Man: No Way Home brings in charactersContinue reading “Spider-Man: The final triology?”

Valentine’s Day cupcake recipe

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so here’s a simple and delicious recipe to make for that special day. These cupcakes are perfect for any party or to just enjoy at home.         This recipe yields 12. For the ingredients you will need 1 and 2/3 cups all-purpose flour (spoon & leveled), 1/2 teaspoon bakingContinue reading “Valentine’s Day cupcake recipe”

Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day, while fun and romantic, can elicit stress in the weeks prior searching for the perfect gift for those you love. Finding the right way to express your feelings to loved ones can be difficult. You want to find something special that can become personal to them and your relationship. If you’re not sureContinue reading “Valentine’s Gift Ideas”

Predicted fashion trends in 2022

In 2022, there will be over a dozen trends, new and old, we can expect to see. Bold, flashy, colorful, Y2K, unconventional are several words to highlight not only clothing, but also accessories and footwear. From sequins, layers, vibrant colors, and prints to mini-micro bags and platforms, the diversification of these current and upcoming trendsContinue reading “Predicted fashion trends in 2022”

New Faces: Jolyn Len

              New to the Kaiser High staff is Jolyn Len, the culinary, baking, and capstone teacher.  Born in the islands, Len attended Maui CC, Hilo CC, Palamanui CC, Kapiolani CC and University of Hawaii– West Oahu. She has also worked with children and young adults as a foster parent, giving her experience to bring forth withContinue reading “New Faces: Jolyn Len”