Movie Review: Godzilla vs. Kong

Director: Adam Wingard Genres: Sci-fi and Action Release Date: March 31st, 2021 The long-awaited showdown of the world’s two most infamous cinematic monsters finally hit the big screens in the Godzilla vs. Kong film during March of 2021. However, does the film live up to the hype?  The show is a sequel to Godzilla: KingContinue reading “Movie Review: Godzilla vs. Kong”

Ask Madeleine: friendships and high school

Question 1: My friend of ten years and I have been going through a rocky patch lately. I’m afraid that we may stop being friends because both of us are pretty stubborn. What should I do? Hey! I’m sorry to hear about your fight. A lot of friends go through arguments, and that’s completely normal.Continue reading “Ask Madeleine: friendships and high school”

The Alley opens its doors in Ala Moana

Are you a bubble-tea fanatic? Then you don’t want to miss out on The Alley!  Located in Ala Moana shopping center, The Alley first opened in Taiwan in 2013 and has rapidly expanded across the world since then. With branches in Korea, France, Australia, and many more, they have finally opened a branch here inContinue reading “The Alley opens its doors in Ala Moana”

Climate change in Hawaii

Earlier this year in March, Haleiwa residents experienced extreme flooding, destroying their homes and driving some from the area. Scientists have reported that extreme weather events such as this are becoming more and more common, and most attribute this increase to climate change. “Hawaii’s climate is changing in ways that are consistent with the influenceContinue reading “Climate change in Hawaii”

Hawaiian Humane Society volunteer Shelly Pang ready to return

When the coronavirus struck, many businesses had to shut down due to the implementation of pandemic restrictions. Although they escaped full closure, the restrictions forced the Hawaiian Humane Society to stop taking volunteers. Although it was a needed measure to slow the spread of the coronavirus, for Shelly Pang, an avid volunteer at the HawaiianContinue reading “Hawaiian Humane Society volunteer Shelly Pang ready to return”

10 helpful tips for surviving burnout

Throughout quarantine we have collectively been dealing with life’s stressors in our own ways, and unfortunately it’s made us easily susceptible to fall into a loop of bad habits. But fear not! Here are some of my personal habits that have supported me, and might be able to help you too.  Maintain daily you-time WhenContinue reading “10 helpful tips for surviving burnout”

Teachers on virtual learning

With more people getting vaccinated every day, it seems that by the next school year, Kaiser will be safely returning to in-person learning. Many students are excited to return to school, while others wish they could do virtual learning forever. But what about the teachers? Most teachers hold synchronous classes. Elizabeth Ben, who teaches sixContinue reading “Teachers on virtual learning”