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New Faces – Kim Imamoto

 Those who aren’t Kaiser High athletes will likely be unfamiliar with the newest addition to Kaiser’s Athletics Department, a personal trainer with an extensive resume, Mrs. Kim Imamoto. Although new to Kaiser as of this year, Imamoto is certainly no newbie to her profession. For the last twenty-four years, Mrs. Imamoto has been working atContinue reading “New Faces – Kim Imamoto”

3 easy recipes to fall for

December is finally here, which means the winter season is right around the corner and the countdown to Christmas has started. But who said it’s too late to make fall recipes? (Maybe those who already started getting in the Christmas spirit even before Thanksgiving.) And technically, fall doesn’t end until December 21st. So to celebrateContinue reading “3 easy recipes to fall for”

New Faces: Ryan Gilmour

This year, Ryan Gilmour has joined our Kaiser High School faculty. He currently teaches special education for FSC (fully self contained classroom) with students from ages 14-22. Gilmour says, “I saw I could be an asset in helping them. I wanted to do something that mattered and actually help some students.” He has a lotContinue reading “New Faces: Ryan Gilmour”

New Face: Justin Maxwell

“A good teacher is present and able to have constructive conversations with students,” Justin Maxwell states. At Kaiser High School, Maxwell teaches AP biology and marine science, but he is most excited to be teaching AP biology. Maxwell attended  the University of Arkansas and has a background in chemistry, specifically biochemistry, which is why heContinue reading “New Face: Justin Maxwell”

New Faces: Clarence Chun

“For me, art is not just painting, and drawing, and doing pretty pictures. It’s about transcending what it is that we do as artists in our creative way of thinking and applying that creative thinking to solving problems outside in the real world.” Clarence Chun, who goes by Kumu Kau’i, began teaching at Kaiser inContinue reading “New Faces: Clarence Chun”

New Faces: Pauli Tashima

Kaiser High’s new Chinese teacher, Pauli Tashima, who joined the Cougar family midway through our online school year, is a very culturally-aware person. From growing up in foreign countries to raising children of her own, Tashima has always found education and language to be important parts of her life.  Tashima was born and raised inContinue reading “New Faces: Pauli Tashima”

A Student’s Perspective: Return to In-Person School

The return to in person learning has been a big change for everyone. We spent so much time in front of a screen in the comfort of our own homes. Coming back into the atmosphere of school has been a struggle for some and a relief for others. Regardless of if you enjoyed returning toContinue reading “A Student’s Perspective: Return to In-Person School”

TIGER SUGAR comes to Hawaii

TIGER SUGAR opened its doors here in Hawaii on July 24, 2021. The all-popular boba shop originates from Taiwan and has many locations worldwide. It is located downtown at 1365 Nuuanu Ave, Honolulu, HI 96817.  This boba shop has five different drink options. The first drink is their signature called the “Black sugar boba +Continue reading “TIGER SUGAR comes to Hawaii”