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Rising gas prices in the U.S.

Since the Russia- Ukraine war outbreak, gas prices have skyrocketed around the U.S. The average price nationally was $3.84 in the beginning of March; but within the first week, it went up approximately 27 cents. As gas prices continue to rise, the U.S. may be close to the highest national average cost ever. The majorityContinue reading “Rising gas prices in the U.S.”

Hawaii COVID cases decreasing

Throughout February and March, daily COVID-19 cases in Hawaii have been decreasing steadily. Whereas COVID cases were at several thousand per day in January, they are now down to around a hundred. This decrease in cases came with a series of changes:restrictions to ease and the state’s economy to improve, and the rise of aContinue reading “Hawaii COVID cases decreasing”

The differences between COVID variants

The Coronavirus pandemic has been going strong since 2020 and only last year have vaccines been made available. But recently there have been variants of COVID 19 popping up. The most prevalent are Omicron and Delta with Delta appearing before Omicron. The original virus COVID 19 is going to be the basis for the twoContinue reading “The differences between COVID variants”

Booster shot not being required

Governor Ige recently announced that a COVID-19 booster shot will not be required to be considered fully vaccinated. This regards his statement from January 24th in which Ige said a booster shot would have been required to be fully vaccinated. This would have added onto the already-required COVID vaccines, in which you receive either twoContinue reading “Booster shot not being required”

Water contaminated at 350 times the safe level.

On November 20, 2021, there was a jet fuel spill at a storage facility that contaminated the water making it 350 times above the safe drinking level.  Around this time, the state health department first began receiving reports of a “fuel or gasoline-like odor” from the water. After a week, nearly 1,000 military households hadContinue reading “Water contaminated at 350 times the safe level.”

Updated School Email System

The start of this new school year brought along many changes, one of the more mysterious regards being the school email addresses. The old emails, under the Kaiserhs domain, were replaced with a new batch, which removed the domain entirely as well as replacing our names with SSID numbers. Many upperclassmen didn’t understand why thereContinue reading “Updated School Email System”

Over 50% students opted-out

When Kaiser announced that students would be returning to school in person in the 3rd quarter, students were given the choice to recuse themselves from attending. Known as the “opt-out,” the option would allow students to continue virtual learning from the first semester. Over 50% of the student body (not including Acellus-registered students) immediately decidedContinue reading “Over 50% students opted-out”

The Kaiser community receives COVID-19 vaccinations

More people in the Kaiser community have been receiving their COVID-19 vaccinations, including students, parents, and teachers. There is no clear number on how many teachers and students at Kaiser have gotten the vaccine, as their personal information is confidential. Even so, teachers and students have been sharing their vaccination experiences. With increased vaccination rates,Continue reading “The Kaiser community receives COVID-19 vaccinations”