The Kaiser community receives COVID-19 vaccinations

More people in the Kaiser community have been receiving their COVID-19 vaccinations, including students, parents, and teachers. There is no clear number on how many teachers and students at Kaiser have gotten the vaccine, as their personal information is confidential. Even so, teachers and students have been sharing their vaccination experiences. With increased vaccination rates,Continue reading “The Kaiser community receives COVID-19 vaccinations”

Prom 2021 is cancelled

As this difficult school year approaches its fourth quarter, students were disappointed to learn that prom has once again been canceled. Often one of the most anticipated occasions of high school, the decision has been a significant let-down for many.  Prom has been an important part of high school life for years, held to “bringContinue reading “Prom 2021 is cancelled”

First launch of two mass vaccination sites brings relief to Hawaii

With the recent launch of two mass vaccination sites – one at Pier 2 and the other at the Blaisdell Center – we can hope for the return to normalcy in our lives. On January 18, the first site launched at Pier 2, managed by Hawaii Pacific Health. The week after, on January 25, theContinue reading “First launch of two mass vaccination sites brings relief to Hawaii”

Homecoming’s absence leaves heartbreak

Kaiser has officially canceled homecoming. Due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic, the Hawaii State Department of Education (DOE) announced in January the cancellation of all public school social events for the remainder of the year. Principal Justin Mew made a similar school-wide declaration a day later, naming proms, class days, and even assemblies as cutContinue reading “Homecoming’s absence leaves heartbreak”

Damage and graffiti at Kaiser High School

Our school has been vandalized twice this school year. In November, an unidentified man skated onto school property at night and spray-painted profanities onto school buildings. On New Year’s Eve, a suspect fired half-a-dozen holes into the office door with a paintball gun, breaking several lights. The same person is believed to be the suspectContinue reading “Damage and graffiti at Kaiser High School”

Community contributes new thermometer against fight with COVID-19

The COVID pandemic has led to the creation of new rules and regulations, including temperature checks. If you’re coming onto campus, don’t forget to visit the office’s new heat sensor and sanitizing station. Installed by security guard Nick Hironaka and athletic director Nelson Chee, a new thermometer donated by Vice-Principal Whitney Mahoney stands mounted inContinue reading “Community contributes new thermometer against fight with COVID-19”

A safe Halloween for special education students

This past Halloween, the special education students found a way trick-or-treat safely: by gathering candy on campus. When the clock struck 11, the Cougars made their way to their first destination, awaiting a surprise at E Building. To respect social distancing mandates, health teacher Jamie Psak—dressed up in a full-face baby mask—rappelled a bag fullContinue reading “A safe Halloween for special education students”

Cougar virtual talent show a roaring success

This year’s Talent Show was unlike any other. On December 4th, a video was posted to Youtube by user Kaiser Cougar titled “Kaiser High School Winter Assembly 2020.” In the video was Kaiser High School’s first-ever virtual assembly, including the first-ever virtual talent show. Hosting the event presented issues for participants, organizers, and even theContinue reading “Cougar virtual talent show a roaring success”

Divided opinion on tourists’ return

In March, Governor David Ige had issued a statewide lockdown order in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Each and every person was required to stay at home, avoiding physical contact with friends and loved ones to protect the community. Throughout these times, the daily coronavirus case rates were going up and down, up to 355Continue reading “Divided opinion on tourists’ return”