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Mumps case confirmed at Kaiser

Given that Hawaii is the most isolated archipelago on Earth, a non-resident would probably assume that thousands of miles of ocean would serve as a sufficient barrier against the spread of contagious diseases. This assumption is, of course, a fallacy as 2017 has been filled with outbreaks, and the diseases that have induced them rangeContinue reading “Mumps case confirmed at Kaiser”

Kaiser mourns loss of long-time teacher, Maurice Fujie

During the days preceding his passing, no ailment seemed to plague Mr. Maurice Fujie. On Saturday, he attended the University of Hawaii vs Fresno State football game. On Sunday, he worked at his wife’s East Honolulu Clothing Company shop in Kaneohe. On Monday, he attended the University of Hawaii vs. Troy University basketball game, andContinue reading “Kaiser mourns loss of long-time teacher, Maurice Fujie”

Drama stage gets a new look

When students walked into G103 this year, a room more commonly known as the Black Box Theater, they were greeted by something almost entirely new. A redesigned stage was constructed by people who shared a common vision to refurbish the theatre and aid Kaiser’s long-standing drama program. Drama teacher Ann Ogilvie was presented with theContinue reading “Drama stage gets a new look”

MYP Project revived through KAP grading policy

As the deadline for this year’s MYP project approaches, conversations regarding the Kaiser Advisory Program’s grading policy have been buzzing as sophomores consider whether or not they should complete a MYP project. If students complete the project they will receive a MYP certificate. Students who fail to submit a MYP project will receive a ‘U’Continue reading “MYP Project revived through KAP grading policy”

Changes to Open House receive positive feedback

Returning parents and students might have noticed something different about open house this year. With the new 6:00 p.m. starting time and removal of bell ringing every 10-20 minutes signaling to move to the next class, parents and teachers felt less stressed. “We did away with the bells because it gives the parents more flexibilityContinue reading “Changes to Open House receive positive feedback”

Kaiser pulls together after cancellation of football season

On Monday afternoon, Sept. 18, a team parent confronted head football coach Arnold Martinez in a dispute which would have far-reaching consequences for the entire student body and community. “The incident that happened was so volatile, and it was scary, and as your principal, I didn’t feel that I could control it,” Principal Justin MewContinue reading “Kaiser pulls together after cancellation of football season”

Japan’s Hokkaido High School visits Kaiser for another cultural exchange

Hosting foreign students is nothing new for Kaiser High. For the past decade, the school has been playing host to exchange students from all around the world. In this year’s cultural exchange, 308 students and honored guests from Hokkaido Sapporo Intercultural and Technological High School visited campus on Oct. 20. By visiting Kaiser, these foreignContinue reading “Japan’s Hokkaido High School visits Kaiser for another cultural exchange”