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Students’ Perspective: Mandatory Vaccination Mandate On Sports

Now there are lots of incentives for someone to get vaccinated; whether it be to fly, go to work, or even to just eat inside your favorite restaurant. The new mandate at Kaiser High School states that only those who have been vaccinated may play in a sport. But this is seen as an inconvenienceContinue reading “Students’ Perspective: Mandatory Vaccination Mandate On Sports”

Boys volleyball hits it off again

After a long break, the Kaiser boys’ volleyball team is hungrier than ever to win. While they are able to practice and compete in games this season, they still take safety precautions and maintain social distancing to create a safe-to-play atmosphere. Despite the restrictions, the whole team is able to have fun and grow togetherContinue reading “Boys volleyball hits it off again”

The rebirth of the tennis team despite COVID

Despite the current COVID-19 pandemic, Kaiser’s tennis team is coming into a new season with strong ambitions. “It feels great to finally be back,” coach Norrin Lau said. For the last few years, Kaiser Tennis didn’t have enough players to field a full team. But this year, they have a full team of boys andContinue reading “The rebirth of the tennis team despite COVID”

Girls’ Water Polo resurfaces

On May 10th, Kaiser’s Lady Cougar Water Polo team was excited to have in-person practice for the first time this school year. Luckily, their practices have not been too altered by the pandemic. “The only difference is we wear masks and try to distance while doing dryland and out-of-water workouts,” sophomore Jaime Farah said. SinceContinue reading “Girls’ Water Polo resurfaces”

New baseball coach hired during pandemic

Have you ever imagined what being a new coach during a global pandemic is like? Josh Halemanu, the school’s new baseball coach, is doing exactly that. A Kaiser graduate, Halemanu was previously a baseball coach at Saint Francis, where he coached for six years. Last year, Halemanu guided his team to a Division Two stateContinue reading “New baseball coach hired during pandemic”

Athletic scholarships arrive despite pandemic

Some students have been counting on receiving athletic scholarships, training for the sake of attending college. The Covid-19 pandemic wrecked those plans, as there are no sports seasons going on this year because of it. Despite this, some students were still offered athletic scholarships.  Senior Isabella Santa Cruz was offered a full-tuition scholarship to theContinue reading “Athletic scholarships arrive despite pandemic”

Cougar athletes miss playing

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most high school sports have been postponed indefinitely, and many Cougar athletes are anxious to resume play. For student-athletes here at Kaiser, sports are more than just exercise. Cougar athletics are a lifestyle choice as a positive force for mental health as well as physicality. Soccer satisfied both of thoseContinue reading “Cougar athletes miss playing”