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New Faces: Ryan Gilmour

This year, Ryan Gilmour has joined our Kaiser High School faculty. He currently teaches special education for FSC (fully self contained classroom) with students from ages 14-22. Gilmour says, “I saw I could be an asset in helping them. I wanted to do something that mattered and actually help some students.” He has a lot of family members with special needs, so he felt influenced to help even more people who share the same needs. In the past he taught history at schools in New York and Farrington High school. 

       Gilmour moved to Hawaii a year and a half ago. He is originally from Long Island, New York. He moved to Hawaii to be able to teach here and live with his girlfriend. He says “People are friendlier here and laid back.” His hobbies outside of school include hiking, free diving, surfing, and more.

       Compared to his previous experiences he considers Kaiser to have a more positive environment. “The staff is very friendly and I enjoy working with my co-workers. This seems to be a good community of both students and staff.”

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