New Faces: Wendy Kau

The new vice principal at Kaiser grew all around the world. Wendy Kau was born in Hawaii, but growing up with a military father, she moved around. She grew up in Oahu, Kauai, Colorado, Germany, New York, and Alabama. Despite all the moves, she still considers herself a local to the islands.“My mom’s family is from here and while I was attending college I lived with my grandmother and had a chance to get closer with that side of my family and really get back to my local roots,” Kau said. One of her favorite hobbies is to read, “I’m usually reading at least two to three books at any given time. Right now I’m reading Five Total Strangers, The Cabinet of Curiosities, and Leaders Eat Last.” Making cards, sewing, swimming, and ballet are some of her other favorite activities. 

Previous to working at Kaiser, Kau worked in the district office for “quite a while”. Working there, she missed being at a school, she said, “I wanted to get back to a school level position.” Upon working at Kaiser, her first impression of the school was the “welcoming atmosphere.”“Most of the students and teachers really want to and do include everyone and accept everyone for who they are,” she said. In her new role, Kau’s goal is to “make Kaiser the best that it can be for everyone.” 

Above all, as vice principal, Kau wants to see her students succeed. Advice she tells her students is, “Always strive to present yourself in the best way possible no matter what.  If you keep the IB learner profile in mind, you can’t go wrong.” 

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